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Sander Wassink og Olivier van Herpt og Bjarni Sigurdsson

Call for Curators – Tendenser 2020

A biennial exhibition of contemporary crafts at Galleri F 15

First presented as an annual exhibition in 1971, Tendenser (“Tendencies”) has expanded from its initial focus on Norwegian contemporary crafts to incorporating trends from across the Nordic countries. Since 2016 Tendenser has followed a biennial cycle, allowing for a more in-depth exploration into the Norwegian and Nordic fields of contemporary craft.

Former curators of the exhibition include Glenn Adamson (US), Heidi Bjørgan (NO), Knut Astrup Bull (NO), Putte Helene Dahl (NO), Love Jönsson (SE), Stephen Knott (UK), Louise Mazanti (DK), Gjertrud Steinsvåg (NO) and Lars Sture (NO).

Open call for curators

Punkt Ø, the project manager for Tendenser, sends out an open call for applications for the position of curator for the exhibition in 2020.

Tendenser 2020 

Exhibition period: 28 March–17 June 2020

Honorarium: 60,000 NOK

Ambitions for Tendenser 2020

- Explore and strengthen contemporary crafts in the Nordic context

- Expand artistic, intellectual and critical reflection on contemporary crafts

- Challenge and strengthen the contemporary crafts discourse

- Promote awareness and active participation from the fields of contemporary craft in the Nordic region and internationally, thus strengthening Tendenser’s position as an important exhibition of crafts 

- Attract both local and national audiences as well as audiences from the Nordic region

- Attract interest from international art media

Nordic dimension and collaboration with the NNCA

The Nordic Network of Crafts Associations (NNCA) is a collaborating partner of Punkt Ø for Tendenser 2020. The NNCA’s goal is to strengthen the fields of contemporary craft across the Nordic region and beyond. Through Punkt Ø’s partnership with the NNCA, Tendenser 2020 will have an increased Nordic focus, which will be extended through a seminar and theory programme.

Responsibilities of the curator

  • Develop the conceptual framework for the exhibition 

  • Select artists and works of art to be included in the exhibition. The selected artists may have any nationality, but the exhibition as a whole should showcase Nordic contemporary crafts (i.e., Norway, Sweden, Finland – including Sápmi – Iceland and Denmark)

  • Co-edit the exhibition catalogue

  • Report to Punkt Ø on the selection of artists and works as well as on the budget, funding and administration


Applications must include full name, contact information and CV as well as contact information for two references.

Applications should include a personal cover letter describing previous curatorial experience, as well as reasons for applying for the position as curator for Tendenser 2020.

In addition, applicants must submit a written proposal of maximum one page including possible curatorial directions for Tendenser 2020. The proposal may include a list of potential artists for Tendenser 2020, but this is not mandatory. 

Qualifications and eligibility

- Documented curatorial experience from larger art projects

- High level of competence and experience working with contemporary crafts

- Good knowledge of the fields of craft in the Nordic countries

- An extensive professional network, both in the Nordic countries and internationally

- Experience and desire to work in a team, high work capacity, and the ability to focus on a project and realize it

- Highly proficient in both spoken and written English
- Curators are eligible regardless of nationality and place of residence, but the successful candidate will be expected so spend some time in Norway during the planning and mounting of the exhibition.
- Both individuals and teams may apply for the position.

Questions about the position may be directed to project manager Maria C. Havstam. Phone: 0047 922 68 408

E-mail: mch@punkto.no

The application should be sent by e-mail as a single PDF file of maximum 6 MB to se@punkto.no. Please mark the application «Application for the position as curator for Tendenser 2020». All incomplete or duplicate applications will be disqualified.

Application deadline: 30 August 2018

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the application process by 1 November 2018.