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Tendenser 2018 - Give it time

24 March - 17 June

For this thematically-led iteration of Tendenser (2018) the aim is to explore the various ways in which craft is experienced in time, drawing attention to daily rhythms, the momentary, and the ongoing. With a view to get behind the finished, pristine object, the exhibition foregrounds process, the experience (or phenomenology) of making, and the complexity of exercising skilled labour in challenging economic environments.

Anna Daniell, Podium


27 Januay - 7 March 2018

In REPEAT FORWARD six young artists who explore abstract and material-based expressions through different mediums are presented. The possibilities and limitations of painting, sculpture, and sound art is being tested at a time where no discipline has any advantage above another. The art is created in a contemporary context, but reflects upon signs and codes from modern art history.

Through different expressions related to content and material compositions, works which have art historical references to modernism´s abstract expressionism, naivism, surrealism and minimalism, are on display. New liberating questions about sensual recognition and the objects´ condition are incorporated in the artistic process, as a way out of postmodernism´s language play against a visual turn, where close contact with materials, matter and the object are given attention.


Curator: Maria C. Havstam. Co-curators: Anja Bjørshol, Guro Dyvesveen and Dag Aak Sveinar

G#134 001


October 21 2017 - January 17 2018

Galleri F 15

Claudia Reinhardt-Teljer, Familie Gottschalk, Tomb Of Love, Fotoserie 2012-2014

EXITUS – Death, Grief and Melancholy

April 8 – May 31 2017

Galleri F 15

Photo: Janne Kruse og Andreas Siqueland

Roxy Firefly

28 January - 22 March

Andrea Büttne Little Sisters Lunapark Ostia 2012


November 26 2016 ‒ January 18 2017

Love of the Real is about the poetry of human fragility and courage, and about every day as a new opportunity for trying again. The exhibition presents works by nine Norwegian and international artists.




June 18 - September 21

Munch in Moss 1913-1916

Gallery F 15 presents a new exhibition of Edvard Munch's art, with a picky choice of works from the years when he lived in Moss. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to re-experience Munch's art from this period in its natural surroundings: the manor house at Alby, surrounded by the mild landscapes of Jeløya.


Bilde m text_crop_600x630

to bee or not to be

October 1 - November 16

Whether the current colony collapse disorder should be an occasion to think of Albert Einstein’s allegedly expressed worry that “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe,then man would have only four years of life left” is questionable.  Yet for to bee or not to be, bee death is the initial spark for a renewed reflection on the relation-ship between humans and the environment; this is where our anthropocentric worldview is challenged. 

Espen Dietrichson

Espen Dietrichson

June 18 - September 21

Solo Exhibition 2016

Espen Dietrichson works with sculptures ‒ in acid-proof steel, watercolor and silkscreen print ‒ of deconstructed modernistic high-rises. Pursuing his interest for architecture and spatiality, Dietrichson will work with the garden at F 15 in direct connection with the ground floor.